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  Treatment Option # 2 - Pro-Treatment Program

Our Pro-Treatment Program includes 5 key applications during the year season to ensure that your lawn looks it's best during the peak season. Each application will provide the proper nutrients and weed control to maintain a healthy, green lawn when the grass is most active. Treatments are applied every 6-8 weeks.

On our first visit we will evaluate your lawn and determine it's overall condition. We'll identify the weeds along with other problem areas and recommend additional services if needed. We'll also share tips and best practices with you that can be implemented immediately to achieve maximum results.

The Pro-Treatment Program includes:

1. Fertilizer during the growing season (4 applications)

2. 1 round of pre-emergence

3. Post-emergence weed control with every application (up to 5 applications)

Our Pro-Treatment Schedule
Turf Type Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bermuda & Zoysia              

If you received one of our door hangers or lawn evaluation reports there will be a single application price located on it. That is the price you'll pay for each application. Now you'll know how much each application will cost you.

Prices for the Pro-Treatment Program are determined by multiplying your single application price by five. Save an additional 10% when you make a one time payment for the total amount for the season.

Example: $39 (sample single application price) X   5  =  $195 for the year
 or $175.50 ($35.10 per treatment) if paid upfront.

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